The Church of the Intercession, located at 155 and Broadway is one of the finest examples of Gothic Revival architecture in the City of New York. Completed in 1914, the interior nave soars to a breathtaking height of 81 feet, and is as massive as it is beautiful.   Enormous, wooden beams support a wood hammered ceiling of intricate and repetitive decorative motifs while jewel toned stained glass windows cast ever changing displays of color during the day and a subtle, back lit, play of color in the evenings. Smaller adjacent spaces include a centrally enclosed, square garden surrounded by connecting vaulted passageways. Together, this unified transitional area creates the perfect setting for a variety of functions.  The Crypt is perhaps the most evocative room. Aptly named, guests access via grand staircase descending to the lowest level of the building. Four enormous columns expand into a ceiling of Gothic style vaulting.  A perfect pallet for interesting lighting design, the versatility of use can capture an intense, sexy lounge vibe, casual, contemporary standing reception, or the formality of a multi course, seated dinner.
St. Barts is a thriving and active Episcopal Church located in the heart of New York City; a sacred oasis amidst the corporate canyons of "Midtown Manhattan." A true blend of old and new. A sacred gem of Byzantine art and architecture, it was recognized as a New York City Landmark by the NYC Landmarks Commission in 1967, and as a National Historic Landmark in 2016. It continues to be a vital preservation initiative for midtown Manhattan. At the heart is worship and prayer, with multiple weekday services and four services every Sunday. Also home to Inside Park, where you can dine or host a private event!